Unlock Your Hidden Strengths: NLP-Neuro Science (ACME-NLP-101)

Have YOU discovered all your POTENTIALS & STRENGTHS??????  Do YOU know how much you can achieve??????

This is a workshop for YOU to explore your untapped strengths. Following are the key objectives of this workshops:

·         Know who YOU are

·         Exploring your untapped strengths for future challenges

·         Understanding your CEILING OF COMPLEXITY

·         Exploring how to convert your weakness to strengths.

·         Identify your

        o    motivational factors

        o    fear factors.

·         Setting up your long term goals with timelines for goal achievements.

·         Stress management-a cup of tea. How to use stress to your advantage.

·         Transformational vocabulary.

·         Reprogramming negative thought patterns into positive ones.

·         Ultimate Time Management Strategies

·         Develop Confidence

·         Master Your Mind

·         Learn How to Learn

Who should join?

·         Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Sales personals

·         Students

·         Home makers-Parents

·         Professionals

·         Business persons

·         Doctors, Psychologist and occupational therapist

·         Sportsperson and Athletics

·         Those having problems in Relationships

·         Those suffering from Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Depression etc.

·         People with low self esteem and lack of self confidence

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$60 (includes meal and workshop materials)

NLP Course

Registration Closed

Venue in Calgary:



March 12 2016 (9am to 5pm)