Earned Value Management (ACME-EVM-101) – Rev01


ACME Projects Inc. is offering a one day training program on Earned Value Management (EVM).


Learning Objective:

This will give you in-depth knowledge about EVMS, so you may use it more effectively at your work. You will learn how to monitor and control the performance of projects, teams, and individuals to ensure the successful completion of project objectives.

The objectives of this course are:

·         To provide an understanding of benefits of Earned Value Project Management

·         To teach how to interpret the data and outputs of an Earned Value system

·         To define the principles and practices of effective Earned Value Project Management

·         To define the characteristics required in project planning and management processes to ensure effective performance management
Course Description
In highly uncertain project environments, project managers must make sure they always know how their project is performing against reported timelines and budgets. The earned value method is a key control system that allows project managers to quickly calculate metrics that describe the work performed against expectations. This course focuses on the methods of calculating the right metrics, interpreting the data, and making adjustments to the project plan to compensate if a project is off target.
Initial emphasis is placed on understanding control systems, the methodology of Earned Value Management, and the tools a project manager can use to measure project progress, including Work Breakdown Structures, network diagrams, scheduled, budgets, and Gantt charts. The communication challenges of reporting project progress and status are also explored, recognizing how your ability to report about your project impacts your reputation as a manager and leader.

Who Should Take This Course?
This course is good for Project Management Professionals (PMPs), project managers, and project engineers charged with leading a cross-functional or project team to success. It is appropriate for business leaders, mid-level managers, and project managers who need to learn the critical leadership skills necessary to ensure the high performance of a project team.

Course Contents

·         EVM Concepts

o   Definition of Earned Value Management

o   The differences between Traditional Management and Earned Value Management

o   The framework necessary for proper Earned Value implementation


·         WBS & OBS

o   WBS Introduction

o   WBS Preparation

o   OBS & RAM Introduction


·         Planning & Scheduling

o   Definition of Planning & Scheduling

o   Basic Scheduling Concepts

o   The logic relationships and critical paths to estimate project duration


·         Budgeting & Estimation

o   Introduction of Budgeting & Estimation

o   Budgeting Processes

o   Contract  Baseline


·         EVMS Methods

o   EVMS Criteria

o   Basic EVMS Concepts

o   EVMS Methods


·         Performance Monitoring

o   Forecasting in EVMS

o   Schedule & Cost Performance Indices

o   Schedule & Cost Variances


·         Change Controls

o   The Meaning and objectives of an integrated baseline review (IBR)

o   Integrated Baseline Review Checklist and Responsibilities

o   Change Control Process

Course Duration
Approximately 8 hours (5 PDUs)



June 9, 2013

9am to 5pm (Lunch & Refreshment will  be provided)

Venue in Calgary:

Ground Floor in Athabasca University, just in front of 10st train station.

Mosaic Learning Institute

1040 7 Avenue Southwest #120

Calgary, AB T2P 3G9

$150 per participants (plus taxes), which cover course material and meals.


Course Registration

Link for registration and fee payment will be provided soon