Cross-Functional Knowledge Sharing Programs (CFKSP)

ACME Project Inc. is organizing “FREE Cross-Functional Knowledge Sharing Programs (CFKSP).

These are 3-4hours sessions to help our community for sharing the expertise.

Session Topic:

Introduction to Refinery Processes

Venue in Calgary:

Signal Hills Library

5994 Signal Hill Centre SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3P8

Date & Time:

05 Nov 2017 (1pm to 4pm)

Course Material Includes:

• Class Notes

 Course Objective

This session is part of Cross-Functional Knowledge Sharing Program. Participants will learn:

1- Introduction to Crude Oil
2- Snap short of Refiner’s history
3- Distillation & its types
4- Fractions
5- Isomerization
6- Reforming
7- Cracking & its types
8- Alkylation
9- Coking
10 – Impurities
11- Utilities