Why Choose Us

If you see any of below signs on your project than we are here to help you getting your project on track again:


  • Deliverables are late
  • Budget is uncontrolled
  • Reporting is not effective
  • Schedule delays
  • Uncontrollable change management

ACME Project is different from our project management service providers because of its customized solutions and long-term assistance for a consistence organizational level success. Client prefers us because:

o   One Stop Shop for PM Solutions

ACME Projects Inc. has over 15 years of experience working on small to big scale projects. We provide a complete range of project management services. We offer project management consulting, training and project office development services, led our industry experts. Our team is part of your team ensuring that all decisions are in your best interest both present and future

o   Project Management Focus Group

We’re focused exclusively on project management-and our people are chosen and trained for that purpose.  And we employ a rigorous assurance process to make sure all project management trainers and project management consultants continually meet our quality standards-and yours.


Our focus is long term relationship therefore we provide training and services and guaranteed low cost without compromise on quality of services. Rather than charging more to our clients we focus to reduce our unnecessary overheads.


ACME is flexible to customize project management solutions for small to big projects, for different client’s requirements and for different industry standards. We’ll match the right training and the best project management consultant to the task at hand.